Our Team

Our Team

3D Tactile Fine Art Prints were developed by a small team of dedicated engineers and 3D technicians. Their goal was to create a printing process that the blind and the sighted would share.

Advocates for the blind have compared this development to the invention of braille, nearly 200 years ago.

John Olson
About John
John conceived the idea for 3D Tactile Fine Art Printing in 2008 but his interest in “all things visual” started decades earlier. He began his career as a war photographer. His photographs from Vietnam won him the prestigious Robert Capa Award for “Superlative Photography Requiring Courage and Enterprise Abroad”. At 21 he became the youngest photographer ever hired to the staff of LIFE Magazine. As a world class photojournalist he has always had great appreciation for art and photography. In 2008 John set out to develop a better fine art print, one that grew the narrative. Nearly 7 years later, having worked closely with blind volunteers from the National Federation of the Blind, 3DPhotoWorks received it’s first patent. The Company has patent applications pending in 7 countries worldwide.

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Angelo Quattrociocchi
About Angelo

Angelo Quattrociocchi has served as CTO for the past 3 years.  Angelo brings more than fifteen years of experience in a wide range of engineering disciplines, including electrical, electronic, mechanical, and software, and holds nine US and international patents. Angelo is married and has 3 boys.

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Nancy Olson
About Nancy

Nancy has a 25 year career in digital imaging, digital capture and color management. She is a driving force behind the development of 3D Tactile Fine Art Printing for the Blind.  She is an avid runner and mother to an 18 year old college tennis player.

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Chris Taylor
3D Artist and Craftsman
About Chris
Originally a Biology and History undergraduate student, Chris has worked in a wide variety of fields related to art and design since graduation. In addition to sculpting in clay and in other traditional media, he has become proficient in sculpture and design using numerous computer design and manufacturing packages.

Chris has shown work in galleries, and worked on major public art projects. In addition to these artistic endeavors, he has also done mechanical design and fabrication for diverse projects, including structural systems, borescopes, medical devices, and much more.

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McCormick Brubaker
Digital Fine Art Printmaker
About Mac

Mac Brubaker brought his 37 years experience as a digital fine art print maker to the development of 3D Tactile Fine Art Printing. Working closely with our engineering and development team, Mac devised solutions that bridged the gap between conventional 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional printing. His printing career spans management of large commercial labs to the technical challenge of ground breaking printing for the Blind and Sight Impaired print. 

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Jim Smith
About Jim

Originally trained in finance and accounting, Jim brought those disciplines to the manufacture of 2D images in 3D. He is responsible for the fabrication of all 3D Prints prior to the printing process.

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